Seashore Academy: Application Form for New Students

Thank you for applying to Seashore Academy. Please tell us about yourself and your student(s).

This email address will receive an emailed payment confirmation. We will also use it if we need to clarify any item.

Is this an application for a sibling of an existing student? If so, please *only* fill out the information for the new student(s). (We already have the information for the existing student.)

If you are applying for more than one student, please fill out each student's information. In addition, please select the appropriate application fees. If you are registering more than 4 students, please contact us. Thank you!

Please see the Seashore Academy website to learn about our classes.

Mandatory Fees
Application Fee (1st Student) 85.00
Other Fees
Application Fee (2nd Student) 85.00
Application Fee (3rd Student) 85.00
Application Fee (4th Student) 85.00
Total 85.00

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